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IT was after 25 years of Western dominance that LWT entered the Australian automotive industry, bringing with them an Oriental pursuit of perfection. Using cutting-edge technology, they cast top - level wheel products that have captured attention ever since.


LWT has been known for its Australian high - end wheel products since its inception in 1989, and now has 1600 dealers spanning across every corner of the continent.

When creating each LWT wheel, 10 core technologies are combined to cast the most sophisticated wheel products on the Australian market.


LWT ’s crowing glory is the quality of its products. A meticulous pursuit of quality runs through each step of the design, manufacturing and distribution process, which results in products that pass the world’s most stringent quality certification. LWT ’s business model seamlessly combines design, manufacturing and sales, to position them as an invincible powerhouse within the industry.


LWT constantly brings positive change to the land of Australia, setting the pace within the market, and ensuring continuous improvement in all areas of business.

Our past glories inspire us to look to the future and excitedly pursue the great opportunities that lie ahead.

We invite you to join us, so we can share in an even better future in Australia.


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